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 Dame Armsmere D'Ravenglass
Knight of The Order of Dunroven Keep
AKA Amy Farrell
Author and Webmaster

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What is Chivalry? 
How can it help us live better lives? 
How can it empower us to be better people? 
How can it make the world a better place? 
These are some of the questions which this Website and
its associated Weblog (blog) seek to answer. 

History gives us Chivalry as the creed of the armored knight of medieval times,
a way of life and a code of behavior which included the concepts of
personal integrity, honor and valor. 

Popular culture gives us the "knight in shining armor,"
a hero whose goodness and bravery in defending the weak and
upholding the laws which protect society is the stuff of legend,
a hero who appears in every story, whether as King Arthur,
or as a cowboy from the pages of Louis Lamour
or as Neo in the movie The Matrix. 

This every-story-hero has qualities we admire;
strength, physical prowess, skill, kindness, courage and honor
He knows what he believes in and he never backs down from what is right. 
He is calm, steady and sure.  We envy him and wish that we
could be as competent and certain as he is.  

The wonderful thing is, we can ! 

How does this hero become the person he is?

He embarks upon The Hero's Journey,
that arduous course that challenges him, tests his mettle,
 hones his skills, trys to tempt him away from right action,
forces him to face his fears, causes him to deal with his flaws,
 and ultimately proves his worthiness.

The Hero's Journey exists in the legends and stories of every culture
because it is an inherent part of our humanity

It is our journey. 

Rather than just reading about some other hero's journey, or watching it
on a movie screen, we should be living it.  In fact, we are living it, every day,
in ways too small for most of us to notice. 

Every thought you think, every word you say, every deed you do,
is the thought, word or deed of a hero. 

Is it worthy of a hero? 

This you must ask yourself.
Daily, many times daily, you must ask yourself,
"Was that worthy of a hero?"
This discipline of self-examination is the
first step on the path of Chivalry.

But Why Chivalry?

How can an outmoded value system work for us in the modern world?

 It works because it is ancient. 
It works because it is coded in our DNA.
It is what makes Mankind different from animals.
It is fundamental to our nature.
Not only does it work but it has become necessary.

Take a look.
Look at the state of the modern human being

Look at world governments full of corruption,
nations ruled by despots, religious fascists terrorizing innocent people.

How can we change this?

Look at our neighborhoods full of gang crime,
our homes full of unwed mothers and fatherless children,
our schools full of violence, our prisons full to bursting,
our civil courts full of people blaming each other,
our bodies full of drugs and alcohol,
our souls full of doubt and despair.

Yes, but how can we change this?

We do it one human being at a time.  We start with ourselves

We choose to cast off the habits of selfishness, self-gratification,
greed, laziness, slovenliness, crudeness, cruelty, debauchery,
dishonesty, arrogance, betrayal and lawlessness
which debase humanity. 

We choose to create of ourselves a work of art
which beautifys the world, brings joy to those around us
and inspires others to a higher level.

This is what Chivalry is all about.

The knighting ceremony is ritual of transformation
in which one rejects one's baser instincts and embraces
a higher standard of conduct, commiting oneself to the honing of
the body and spirit, the fine-tuning of the intellect
and the practice of compassion.
One solemnly vows to serve not only oneself
but the betterment of society as a whole. 

This transformation of self can be made by all of us
whether or not we ever undergo a formal knighting ceremony
like the man in the above picture.

This Website was created to reintroduce the ideals of
Chivalry to the people of the 21st Century. 
The Weblog (  www.blog.21stcenturychivalry.com  Coming Soon )
 is a forum for modern people to share ideas and explore ways of
utilizing the Chivalric concept to improve their lives, enhance their
interpersonal relationships and make the world a better place
for themselves and the ones who come after.

Anyone can be a modern knight, male or female, young or old, rich or poor. 
Unlike in historical times, following the path of Chivalry is what
ennobles you today, not the circumstances of your birth.

 So, my Comrades-in-Arms, lend me your ears and share your voice. 
Please tour the website, see if it holds any inspiration for you
and I'll meet you on the blog.   

email: armsmere@21stcenturychivalry.com

Copyright 2007,  Amy Farrell